• Consulting at Blackboard

    We believe in keeping it simple but strong, with innovative services that help you put great ideas to work quickly.

  • Leveraging Innovative Services to Enable Success

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    Delivering on Transformation

    We support you every step of the way to be your partner in change.                                          

  • Increase Retention Rates

    Whether you’re looking to increase student or employee retention, one thing is sure: retention is vital for all institutions. From course design to learner engagement, we work with hundreds of institutions to ensure they have a successful retention strategy in place.
  • Design, Develop & Evaluate Effective Programs

    The landscape of education is constantly evolving. To be successful educational providers need to be responsive to user needs and expectations. Blackboard partners with institutions to ensure that the programs they offer are of high quality and suited to learner needs.

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    Innovation Without Disruption

    We succeed by tapping more than 120 years of relevant experience.                                          

  • Increase Enrollment

    Increasing enrollment is an essential part of any academic growth strategy. For an educational provider, enrollment provides the income that helps them to be effective in what they do. Our team will work with you to put strategies in place to help increase enrollment.
  • Improve Student Outcomes

    Improving student outcomes is one of the toughest challenges facing institutions today. Blackboard partners with institutions to ensure good outcomes for students throughout their learning, which will both help learners to achieve their career and life goals and will also give them opportunities and motivation for further learning
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    Achieving Results

    From short-term engagements to complex multi-year initiatives, our projects are skillfully managed for results.

  • Increase Technology Adoption

    Low adoption levels impact the entire institution through low return on investment for technology purchases to inconsistent student engagement. Blackboard offers adoption benchmarking and tracking, training services and change management services targeted at increasing adoption across an entire organization.
  • Improve Professional Development

    Professional development not only motivates staff, but also ensures that the organizations and the learners get the most from those staff. Professional development can take many forms and needs to focus on the needs of the individual. Blackboard provides a wide range of services to improve professional development at your institution.